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Av Someone - 22 januari 2015 20:16

Okej, så, jag sitter på mitt rum, och genom Wattpad kom jag att tänka på Bittney Spears' 'Oh la la', som jag lysnade sönder när den kom ut, och det är varm, så jag fläktar mig med handen. It feels like I'm in Paris!

Av Someone - 13 januari 2015 21:15

You are alone in your apartment. You are sittning with your laptop in your lap in your bed, surfing. Scrolling  through Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, any social media you have. You got music on in the background, but pretty low, because you wanna be able to hear if anyone knocks, even if you don't really expect anyone to, since it 10 pm

Suddenly you hear a creak. You lower the music and get of your bed quietly, then realise that it's better if you make more noises, so that if it's a murder or thief you will scare them away, or let you neighbours know that something's wrong when you stop sounding. 
You check that you got your phone in your pocket, and then walk out from your bedroom. 
You go through the living room and walk to the door. The door is breaking by the lock. You see a splint fly from the door, and you chicken out. 
You run back a few step and unlock your phone. You call 911, but it doesn't work. You call again. No. You look at your phone, you have signal, but it just doesn't work. The tones goes but then it suddenly breaks. You call your mom's number, it doesn't go. Your friend, nothing. 
You run back into your room, curl up in the corner with your phone tightly clutched to your chest, trying to hide in the shadows. 
Suddenly there's a creak by the window. You quickly look up. In front of  you stands a boy with brown hair, wearing a superman t-shirt, jeans, and only in his socks. He smiles gently down at you. 
-Don't be afraid. He holds out his hand. Let's go find out who's at the door.
No thoughts on that he can be the partner to the person by the door, and that they actually are murders or kidnappers, passes your mind, so you take his hand and he helps you up. 
He then slings his arm over your shoulders. He looks at you, and then gently strokes your hair. Surprisingly you don't flinch or move away, you just relax. He looks at your phone.
-It doesn't work? You stop trying to press it through your chest and hold it out in your hand. 
-I don't know what's wrong. I have signal, it just doesn't work. 
He squeezes your shoulders.
-That's okey. He slightly pushes you to get you to walk. You go out so you stand in the hallway facing the door. The lock is almost breaking. You inhale and exhale slowly, swallow and slide your tongue over the inner parts of your lips. 
Two seconds later the door breaks.
 A black-masked man pulls the door open, turns around to pick up his bag and takes a step in before looking up. You stand completely still, but the boy next to you smiles, raises his hand and waves with his fingers. 
Suddenly the man is pressed against the carpet, with the boy's hand over his neck. He coughs and wriggles to get loose, but the boy is too strong. Through gritted teeth, and with a smile in his voice, he says
-Never disturb this girl again. Don't ever come back. Put this address on your memory and never return. 
The man wriggles even more, which results in your hero straddling him over his chest an punching him.
-Have I made myself clear? He asks with a voice as if he was a professor and asked the class if everybody understood.
The man coughs again, you think that you now can hear blood in is coughs. Silently you say
-I don't think he can breathe.
The boy doesn't turn, but mumbles
-Yes, of course. He pulls up the man to sitting position with a grip on his shirt. 
When the man has pulled a few breaths and seems to be able to fight again, he pushes him back down to the floor. 
With a hand on his chest the boy reaches over to the man's tool bag. He searches through the open space and then the side and front pockets. 
In one of the side pockets he finds a set of lock picks, that he puts on the floor in front of him. 
He finds a piece of paper in the front pocket that he unfolds. Loud enough for you to hear he reads
-049-333246. He turns it around. No name? He asks the man. He then crawls back.
-I find nothing more of value for me here. 
They then both go from sitting position to standing, without you seeing the boy's hand leaving the man's shirt, so fast you don't even see it. With a 'Don't fall' the boy bends down and zips up the bag. He then hands it to the man, and with a hold by both his shoulders turns him around.
-How about you apologise to miss here? The boy asks the man, leaning close to him and with his arm around his shoulders. He then turns the back against you with a smile. The man coughs and then says
-I'm sorry, miss.
You smile weakly against him.
-Apology accepted. The boy beams against you. He turns them back around again, and over his shoulder says
-Wait a second, I'll be right back. He then escort the burglar out. You stay completely silent to hear if the boy is going to kick him down the stairs, or simply make him walk. 
But there's no sound, and soon he comes back in. He closes the door and looks at the broken lock, with his hands on his hips. 
-No one more is going to disturb you tonight. He smiles against you and walks up against you, with his arm out to gently push you with him. As you follow, you turn around so you walk like him, and you look up at him as you go to your bedroom. 
He lift away the covers and let you crawl in under them. You stay sitting up as he walk to the end of the bed. He looks at you smiling.
-Can I know your name? You ask. 
He smiles wider.
-It's Louis. You nod to yourself.
-Suits you. He laughs. 
-Now close your eyes. 
You obey and when you open them, he's gone.
Av Someone - 1 januari 2015 00:09

It's weird, that we fear thunder unless it comes with sparkles and colors.


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