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Av Someone - 15 april 2015 12:16

"I kept my birthday a secret. Only my family and relatives know."

Av Someone - 1 april 2015 21:18

Do you ever get drunk sole on the feeling? Vissa låtar, kläder, sinnesstämningar, handlingar av mig själv, som att dricka ur ett glas på ett viss sätt, som på en bar, ger mig känslan av att vara full. Get drunk, and stay there.

Av Someone - 24 februari 2015 09:19

Såg min värsta fiende och hans kompis stråla av glädje nyss på idrotten. Får mig att hata honom mindre. sen hörde jag dem säga att det var jättetråkigt. Sure, sure.

Av Someone - 23 februari 2015 18:25

Så jag läser Slumdog Millionaire till skolan, och jag kan inte sluta göra Salim till Louis Tomlinson! Guess that really shows how obsessed I am with One Direction, huh?

Av Someone - 19 februari 2015 22:44

My hands hit the wooden handle, as my blonde appearance enter the big, grey marble polished room, glass windows facing the street. Heels click against the floor as my legs carry me to one of the desks. The woman behind it looks up over her glasses and smile against me, brown hair falling out of her bun in messy strays. I answer the smile, pearly whites behind red lips. There's a reason I whiten my teeth.

"God afternoon, miss. What can I help you with?"
"Hello, well, I seem to be unable to take out cash with my card, can you please help me?" My green colored contacts meets her eyes. "I wanna take out three thousand from this card." A metallic piece of plastic covered in numbers leaves my hand and meets the desk. My helper picks it up and type in the numbers, a slow, tappering sound.
"I'm sorry, miss, it seems like there's no money on this card. Are you sure you've got the right card?" 
My eyelashes flutter in a confused expression.
"Are you sure?" I lean forward so my body lay over the desk in a faked attempt to see her screen. She gives me a weird look, she surely isn't used to blonde bimbos with short skirts and high heels coming in with a credit card they can't use. Luckily for me. 
I jump back down to the floor.
"Can you just...just check one more time? This is really embarrassing." My hand covers my face as I turn away, clearly unsure of what to do. She nods with a sympathetic look my way, tapping in the numbers again, more carefully, making sure she gets the right numbers. 
She turns to me with a regretful face.
"I'm so sorry, but you don't have any money on this card." 
I lean forward until my elbows hit the desk, biting my lower lip with a smile.
"I know there's no money on this card. I just needed a reason to go here." The brunette looks confused on me, but I don't let her speak. "I want three thousand dollars, and if you do this civilized I will not have to take out any weapons I potentially carry,-put your hands on the desk, please." I smile against the shocked girl, her hands frozen in height with the desktop, on their way to the button which would alarm the police force two blocks away.
She swallow. I laugh silently and continue.
"I will give you 60 seconds, or will that be too little?, to go and get the money. No, it's not to little, it takes exactly 65 seconds to get there and back without any stops, and even faster if you are scared." I lean back out. "Do you really think you can do that?" I squeal, a note too high. "Oh my god, thank you. You don't understand how happy that makes me. You see, I'm buying my boyfriend a birthday gift, and the superstition old woman selling that special thing only takes cash." My hands motion ten six times, and I smile like a real innocent girlfriend would. 
Her eyes rake over me to find something giving away my identity. My blonde hair is fake, she can see it sitting slightly wrong, but my eyes she takes for green, memorizing this little thing. My fancy clothes too, and my slender body, together with my make up. She then hesitantly turn to go after what demanded for. 
"Wait!" My voice. She turns with a frightened look on her pretty face. "You, of course, want my identification. How can I be so stupid." Another plastic card is pulled up and placed in front of her. Her eyes widen. Am I giving her a chance to see my identification? She takes the card, smiles against me, and hesitantly walk away with it, green gaze glued to her back. I smile, an excited, young teenage girl, on her way to get the perfect gift for her boyfriend. 
Exactly 61 seconds she's back, handing over my card and cash. I jump up and down at the spot.
"You are the kindest woman in the WORLD!" I look like I'm about to hug her. The other staff chuckles, such a silly girl.
"You're welcome." She hesitantly smiles. My hands find their way just under the hem of my shirt, first to pick up a leather glove, beautifully sand colored, and pull it on, the to get the gun by the hem of the navy blue skirt, that shows so much of my legs. The gun lands quietly in front of my scared helper, and I stop every other eye contact. The cash goes into my hand with my driver's license, and a happy 'thank you once again' leaves my lips before I leave.
The heat hits me as soon as I get out. My legs take me along the street side, crowded with folks. The clothes I'm wearing is going back to the store I bought them, 'I changed my mind' is the reason, and my make up will be washed away. The unloaded gun on my other hip will be thrown away on a public toilet. My wig was bought four months ago, there's no way they can track that. Lastly, my contacts. Who doesn't buy them, people buy them all the time, untraceable. My lips smile. 
The perfect crime.
Av Someone - 13 februari 2015 08:01

I'm afraid to lose you, to see you with someone else. Strength is shown first when weakness is.

Av Someone - 10 februari 2015 22:05

Walk into the concert like 'waddup, I gotta be in school tomorrow, so you guys better be on stage on time'.

Av Someone - 22 januari 2015 20:16

Okej, så, jag sitter på mitt rum, och genom Wattpad kom jag att tänka på Bittney Spears' 'Oh la la', som jag lysnade sönder när den kom ut, och det är varm, så jag fläktar mig med handen. It feels like I'm in Paris!


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